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To our grateful customers:

 Hi guys, welcome to our Belleza Store to get the suitable and coolest

merchandise. At here, we love every passion and interest on the planet because it is a reference to your uniqueness. In this past few years, everyone in the world must witness the meaning of our life, so am I.

When the covid 19 happens, there happened many fraud trades in the e-commerce platform. What greatly reduced the trust between people, that was the saddest thing that I didn't expect. As a cross-border practitioners who has spend 3 years in The United States, I really want to rebuilt the connections with US. Therefore, I began to run this site while everyone pursue the passion and freedom.

Belleza is the Spanish word for beautya symbol of all the good things in the world. Our store's mission is aim to providing you with the "Belleza" shopping experience. Long story short -Belleza Store  is a legitimate E-Commerce business born out of our family’s need to make a living during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We believe that the bright side of the coronavirus pandemic is that we can help our shoppers get the best shopping experience imaginable. This is because for over 2 years we have been providing the most excellent customer care to our customers on a personalized level that you won’t find anywhere else online!

Not to mention that we also have built up contacts with some of the best wholesale suppliers in the country that can save you money. Our mission is to provide you with the best personalized shopping experience.

We are here for you! BUT we’re not gonna lie like all those other cheesy TV ads. We are also here to make a fair profit by providing value to you with exceptional customer service that you will not find anywhere else. We aim to make a difference in online shopping making it personal, easy, reliable, affordable and trustworthy.

We know that many of us feel insecure to buy items online. Understanding that, we want to give you the best shopping experience and gain your confidence to shop. Just click on that blue chat button in the bottom right corner with a list of items that you are looking for if you can not find them in stock here, or elsewhere.

How Belleza Store works

01. Our products
We at Belleza Store are daily necessities suppliers who like to share the latest gadgets with people all over the world. We have a large selection of products and offer unbeatable prices.

02. Safe and convenient shopping
You can quickly search for the product you like, and after finding the product you like, just add it to the "wish list" to keep it, or you can add it to the shopping cart and continue to check out. The checkout process becomes simple and safe. We have established partnerships with PayPal, to provide our customers with a safer and more convenient shopping experience.

03. Fast shipping
We work tirelessly on Belleza Store to ensure that your order is delivered to your home as soon as possible. If you have any questions during the entire transportation process, our customer service will help you.

04. Customer Service
Our customer service team will work around the clock to help you solve any problems you may encounter. If you need more information about the product, or have questions about our website, or have any kind of inquiry about your order, we are here to serve you. You can send them a message by simply sending them emails and live chat.

Just give us a chance to serve you and we will be supporting you wholeheartedly every time you shop with us.

Please enjoy your perfect shopping experience!

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Our mission is to create a platform that truly puts customers first.