K10S selfie stick k10 mobile phone live fill light Desktop stand tripod integrated Bluetooth remote control

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K10S selfie stick k10 mobile phone live lighting desktop stand tripod integrated Bluetooth remote control, using high-quality ABS+ stainless steel, feel comfortable, 360 degree rotation, support Bluetooth mode, weight 142g.

This one comes with beauty fill light, Bluetooth remote control, mini and convenient; Two stepless dimming, beauty fill light lamp, illuminate your beauty, bright enough/white enough to be excellent. Widely compatible, support mainstream photography, live streaming software; New and upgraded selfie experience; Fill light integrated, one body hidden telescopic design portable mini, stable tripod, multi-scene use.

Horizontal and vertical photos, group photo more easily, 5 sections 720mm; 360 degrees free flip, free Angle adjustment; Strong anti-shaking, steady selfie; Avoid shaking the phone drop, long legs easy shot, follow the heart to master the distance, say goodbye to the big round face, return you two meters long legs.

【***】 Product model: K10-S color: black/white

Product Name: Bluetooth Selfie stick, weight: 144g

Compatible devices: Applicable to ios7.0 or above, Android 5.0 or above

Battery capacity of fill light lamp: 50mAh, working time: 1h or more (fill light lamp)

Standby time: more than 1 year (remote control) Operating voltage: 3V

Product size: Storage 19cm stretch: 720mm