Kitchen peeler with double face

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Stainless steel two-in-one multi-functional kitchen plane knife peeler, fashionable and beautiful, durable and sharp, is a good helper for home use.

Peel and shreds at the same time, such as radish/potato/ginger/green melon, gently scrape and use it at will. Peel/shreds are done with a knife, which is not time-consuming and laborious, multi-purpose, and more convenient to use.

Five core feature selling points you can't put down:

No.1 high quality stainless steel

The use of high quality stainless steel carefully built, non-toxic tasteless, super hardness, weight of the texture. Quality and safety certification, it is your kitchen carefully selected!

NO.2 stainless steel spot welding

Spot welding welding point touch delicate, do not expose their own shortcomings, the overall welding point, exquisite workmanship, he is a good kitchen in your home!

NO.3 Double-sided sharp knife edge design

Double use paring knife, delicate and beautiful, sharp blade, easy to peel and labor saving middle free design, convenient and labor saving! Scraping knife first silk knife

NO.4 Craft comfort in hand

High quality stainless steel round hand, grasp degree in line with the hand grasp degree, hand comfortable, convenient storage hook, more space saving!

NO.5 Edge thickened and firm

Made of high quality stainless steel, thickened edge, durable, more wear-resistant, do not leave taste, never rust, very practical!