Solar crack light outdoor waterproof light patio decoration glass hanging light creative wishing light LED

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There ARE 20 LIGHTS INSIDE THE SUN CRACK LAMP. Each crack lamp is a unique work of art. It is made with ingenuity and shows elegant artistic taste.

* During the day sun charging (4 ~ 5 hours), it will automatically light up in the dark, full sustainable use of 8 ~ 10 hours, battery life sustainable cycle charging about 500 times; High strength waterproof and lightning protection, can be hung can be flat, are very beautiful, full emotional appeal.

Six core strengths:

* Bright chip/super long life/durable/independent research and development/scene versatile/energy saving and environmental protection

Instructions for use:

[Solar panel: 2V, battery capacity: 2A 600MAH]

1* Flip the switch to ON and charge automatically in the open state. It will automatically turn off when there is light in the daytime and turn ON when there is no light at night.

2* Put the solar protective film Si DiAO before use.

3* Break the string of lights inside the bottle to make the light more uniform and bright.

4* The solar panel can be covered by hand to test the light.